Inequality in education

Nick Clegg is Chair of the Commission on Inequality in Education for the Social Market Foundation. It is is an independent, cross-party initiative which is examining the causes and effects of inequality in education at primary and secondary levels in England and Wales.

It takes as its starting point the contention that undeserved inequalities are a barrier to social mobility and result in unfairness. It recognises that there is agreement across the political spectrum that we should be seeking to close the gap between the performance of disadvantaged children and their better off classmates.

More information can be found here.

Drugs policy reform

Nick Clegg is a Commissioner for the Global Commission on Drugs Policy (GCDP). Established in 2011, the Global Commission on Drug Policy is a key international reference regarding the impacts of the current drug control strategy, proposing innovative and effective policy recommendations that protect human rights, scale-up harm reduction and promote development. It is composed of 23 political leaders and leading thinkers from across the political spectrum.

Open Reason staff have been working with a range of organisations to advocate for the reform of the law on cannabis, both for medical use and in terms of establishing a regulated market for adult use in the UK.