30th November 2017                      Nick delivered a speech on artificial intelligence and the intersection between tech and politics at the                                                            London ad:tech conference. You can read it below. 

13th July 2017                                  The Commission for Inequality for Education, a cross-party initiative chaired by Nick, has published                                                                their final report. The report can be found here 

13th June 2017                                 The 'i' newspaper has welcomed Nick as their newest columnist here. All Nick's articles can be found                                                              here.                         

Nick had a regular column in the Evening Standard from September 2015 - April 2017. All archived articles can be found here.


15 April 2017

Newsnight: Nick visited the town in South Wales which has received some of the highest levels of EU subsidies in the U.K. to find out why the local people voted overwhelmingly to Leave. His film was aired on Newsnight and can be watched here.

28 March 2017

Observer Article: ‘On this we can all agree. Selection is bad for our schools’ – Piece with Nicky Morgan and Lucy Powell

19 March 2017

13 February 2017

10 February 2017

17 January 2017

7 January 2017

The Times Letter regarding the prison population with Ken Clarke and Jacqui Smith:

Dear Sir

The recent violent unrest at HMP Birmingham is a wake-up call for this country. 

Our prisons have become unacceptably dangerous places, with a 31 per cent increase in assaults in the last year alone. Every three days a prisoner commits suicide.  

The three of us know, having served in different capacities in different governments, that all governments, of whatever political persuasion, have failed to grasp this nettle for far too long.

Since Michael Howard coined the phrase ‘prison works’ in 1993, the prison population in England and Wales has nearly doubled to more than 85,000. Yet almost half of adults are re-convicted within one year of release from prison. So the system isn't serving victims of crime or properly protecting our communities either.

We believe that an escalating prison population has now gone well beyond what is safe or sustainable. To restore order, security, and purpose to our jails, Ministers should now make it their policy to reduce prison numbers. 

We want to see the prison population returned to the levels it was under Margaret Thatcher, herself no ‘soft touch’. That would mean eventually – not overnight, but safely over the course of several years – reducing prison numbers to around 45,000. 

If the tide is not turned soon, the prisons crisis will do untold damage to wider society.

Nick Clegg

Ken Clarke

Jacqui Smith

22 December 2016

13 November 2016

10 September 2016

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